PVC pelletizing
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Pelletizing machine
PVC pelletizing

PVC powder is processed to pellets.

The pellets are ready for processing to end products on injection moulding machines or single-screw extruders. The material is metered to the extruder, plasticized, extruded and pelletized. It is then cooled and packed in bags or sacks.

The field-proven systems are also ideal for specialized PVC applications.

Customer benefits
* Pelletizing systems use powerful, robust extruders with a long service life.
* The systems are user-friendly with a central control system
* Air cooling systems are relatively cheap to operate and flexible.
* Modular building-block system for easy combination with customer-specific peripherals.

Pelletizing of rigid (U-PVC) and plasticized PVC (PVC-P)

We offers counter-rotating twin-screw extruders for pelletizing rigid and plasticized PVC.

Counter-rotating twin-screw extruders create less shear than other extruder types guaranteeing high end product quality.