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Corrugated tube machine


QINGDAO EXTRUSION TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD was incorporated in 2013 for the manufacture of extrusion lines for production of corrugated pipes and tubes

corrugated pipe machine
Machinery for the production of corrugated plastic tubes and pipes

Machinery for the production of single-wall and double wall corrugated tubes and pipes made of PE, PP, PVC, PA, EVA, PVDF, TPE etc.

The range includes: Water cooling corrugator, Blow forming system corrugator, Vacuum forming system corrugator, Sequential mode corrugator, Variable Chain Length corrugator. corrugators systems for pipes with interior diameters from 4.5 mm and exterior diameter ranging up to OD 700mm in a variety of thermoplastics..

Main applications:
Building industry: electrical conduit & sanitary hose duct/flexible pipe for siphon, PP-PE-PVC-PA
Automotive industry: Fuel line pipe & wiring harness tubing, PP-PA6-PA11-PA12-PA612
Medical industry: breathing tubes, LLDPE,EVA
Civil works industry: double wall cable conduit, HDPE
Agriculture: drainage pipe, HDPE, PVC
You have specific requirements? We have the solution! Special pipes need special corrugators. We offer corrugators for all pipe dimensions and pipe variations. You can get the corrugators in different designs in order to meet the most different requirements in the field of technical pipe.
double wall corrugated pipe machine


Machinery for production of siphon corrugated pipe
Machine for medical corrugated tubing
Machine for corrugated flat/round PE/PP post tensioning duct
Machinery for corrugated PA tubing
Extrusion line for pre-wired corrugated PP conduit
Double layer corrugated pipe extrusion machine
Double wall HDPE electrical duct extrusion line
Corrugated duo pipe extrusion machine
Multilayer corrugated PA tube machine
flat corrugated pipe/duct machine
perforated corrugated pipe machine
Extrusion line for corrugated sink waste pipe


corrugated pipe mould block Corrugated tubing making machine


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