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Pipe extrusion line

pipe calibration sleeve, vacuum calibration sleeve, PE/PPR/PVC/PERT pipe calibrating sleeve

Vacuum Calibration Sleeve
Thanks to the vacuum calibration sleeve system, it allows the extrusion of pipes with dimensions in accordance with the international standards.
The vacuum calibration sleeve that transmits the heat excellent as the sleeve is highly wear resistant. They also provide perfect sliding for the pipe during the calibration process.


Disc calibrator: 10-32mm

itis fit for the raw materials in high-speed traction and sticky situations.
It can reduce the contact area of the pipe and the calibrator,thereby reducing the friction and re-sistance to prevent the material bonding at the entrance.

HDPE pipe calibrator:110-1600

It can be used in wet or dry inputing.
Wet inputing will be fit for high-speed small diameter extrusion to prevent plastic bonding
Dry inputing will be fit for slow large diameter extrusion, for excellent surface quality

The vacuum system can be either adjusted by manuel or automatically in the vacuum bath, that is standardly made of stainless steel.
The vacuum tanks have constant and permanent vacuum conditions, with immediate, automatic and efficient adjustment.
Accurate temperature control during the cooling, with spray nozzles at optimized distance is done, as the vacuum bath has long operation life and no need of maintenance.

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