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Pipe extrusion line

Haul off

twin belt haul off for small size PO pipe

· Diameter range:10-63mm
·· Belt haul-offs for high extrusion speeds of>25m/min
·· AC servo drive ensure exact synchronization of upper and lower belt/caterpillar

Multiple caterpillar haul-offs for thin-walled pipes and big pipe dimensions
·Diameter range:20-1200mm

Technical Note
·V-type rubber block have been connected with chain direct
·Even if a low coefficient of friction between the tubes and the rubber blocks, the cylinder with large size can still guarantee a very high traction
All tracks are parallel to be guided
·The nether track can adjust to the diameter position through a mechanical or electrical method, but the upper one must be pressed onto the surface of the tube after a mechanical pre-setting.
·Track drive: Each track drived by a separate induction motor, Through the digital controller to achieve  synchronization control, Ensure that all tracks are precisely synchronized speed.



Haul off


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