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Pipe extrusion line
Irrigation pipes production lines with flat dripper and cylindrical dripper

The raw material water is worldwide getting shorter and shorter resulting in a more economical use of this resource. The drip irrigation is - independent of latitudes - an appropriate method of reducing water expenses and thus of even reducing the consumption.

The drip irrigation pipe machinery excels with its synchronized process steps like dripper insertion, extrusion, drilling and coiling. High speed and continuous production are ensured with a dual coiler.

Equipped high efficiency dual position dipper selection and air conveyance system, high efficiency single screw extruder and cross-die, high precision vacuum calibration tank and dripper press-compositing system, high speed and accuracy dripper position and holes punching system and full automatic dual station winder. To ensure the production running steady, high production speed, up to 140m/min, the ratio of finished product is high, upto 98%. This production line can produce normal flat dripper pipe also can produce the tongue shaped hole buried dripper pipes and compensated dripper pipes.

drip irrigation pipe
drip irrigation irrigation pipe
dripper irrigation


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