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Pipe extrusion line
HDPE Pipe Extrusion Line/PE pipe manufacturing machine /PE pipe making machine

HDPE pipe machine

Complete extrusion lines for production of PE pipes in diameter from 10 mm to 1600mm for the following applications.

Large-diameter PE pipe up to 1600mm
For transporting drinking water and wastewater.

Multilayer PE pipe
Three-layer PE pipe with inner and outer layers of coloured virgin material and a regrind core.

PE pressure pipe
For gas pipelines.


This production line suits to produce the polyolefin pipe as HDPE, PP in high production speed. It is of low power consumption, high output, high automation and reliable production.

Equipped the high efficiency single screw extruder designed by us according latest technology and our innovation.

Optimized spiral die ensure the melt distribution uniform to make the pipe wall uniform and guarantee the pipe pressure. Equipped copper Vacuum calibration sleeve with water lubrication ring, twin-chamber vacuum tank with spraying cooling and semicircular Nylon support, to ensure fast calibration, increase the production capacity and lower the operation. These designs are especially good for big diameter pipe production and high speed production.

All of vacuum tank and water cooling tank is made from stainless steel, dual water supply pipe line with filtration system, water level and temperature control system and optimized positioning of the bayonet-type spray nozzles.

The twin or multi caterpillar haul-off unit is equipped with high quality rubber block or rubber belt(for high speed production) accuracy driving and control system ensure the speed stable and running reliable.

Accurate non-scrap cutting machine (less than 160mm) and planetary cutting machine ensure the cutting section smooth and uniform.


Model Diameter(mm) Max Output(Kg/h) Max Production Speed(M/Min) Installed power(KVA)
ET-PE-63 16-63 160 15 90
ET-PE-63-II 16-63 300 25 130
ET-PE-110 20-110 300 15 130
ET-PE-160 50-160 350 8 170
ET-PE-250 75-250 420 8 220
ET-PE-250-I 75-250 550 12 280
ET-PE-450 110-450 750 4 350
ET-PE-630 250-630 800 2 430
ET-PE-800 315-800 1000 1 500
ET-PE-1200 630-1200 1200 0.5 590
ET-PE-1600 800-1600 1600 0.5 780

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